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how am i doing?

assalammualaikum :)

Everyone know life will not always be a bed of roses, life is more likely to be spinning wheel which is going through so many unexpected circumtances. So how am i doing?

Basically 2017 is a year of lesson.
I had going through the hardest nightmare everyone do not want to encounter. All i have to say here is divorce is a serious matter. Praise to god, I live in hostel which mean i rarely be at home and get to know the house thingy.But being the forth children having a younger sister, I am much tortured seeing her growing as a girl. I especially worry about her education. with this situation, I learn to be independent, to not always have people behind you giving hands, to be positive and surrounds myself with only the good vibes. In addition, I always believe in Him, that He will always bless you if you are doing good. The most important thing is strive your heart out in whatever you are doing !

What past is past. Right now i want to focus on my studies. SPM result? …

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