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In which i ruin my schedule.
Friday, 17 March 2017 • 21:48 • 0 Girl(s)


but i'd ruin my schedule. ( HOLIDAY SCHEDULE )

but i wanna be organised-

hye assalammualaikum, back again !

schedule? it is a step to make me organised in this one week holiday because i wanna make it meaningful this time. I want to keep fit, i want to be hardworking and study. yeah that's the spirit. so literally this is my schedule looks like:

but i already broke the schedule ! yesterday i woke up at ten. then idk what i did but i started to clean my room and study site at one. LOL. dealing with the study site is easier than dealing with my room. idk is it my room or a disposal site. and then my room looks like:

the bags are full on the floor 
(Bed full with clothes before)

but before i cleaned all the messy,my room was terrible !!!! and i manage to create a study site on my own since i do not have any study table. and the result looks like this: 

not so study site but comfortable for me to study and blogging 
(currently sitting there)

now everything is set and comfortable so i should be organised ! Go Go Go aiman !! 
that was yesterday. i woke up late then i decided to broke the schedule ( yesterday only ) . hahahaha so everything start today ! 

aiman farhana, xoxo

For the sake of scholarship
Friday, 3 March 2017 • 22:37 • 0 Girl(s)
hello assalammualaikum !

back again after so much school stuff and tired and all that sweat i'll go for the sake of scholarship.

talking about scholarship, this something u'll be granted if you score well in SPM and cikgu ahmad said (my addmath teacher) that those offer scholarship will examine the first assesment so i'm currently work for it. Since i'm not that genius student i've to struggle a lot. I dont want to burden my father a lot because the fee for the course quite pricey, y'all know that. If i manage to get scholarship from any company i'll sure be grateful so much ! furthermore, my dream is to study abroad . like who dont wanna go out from the  nutshell and travel all around the world ?!!! nobody can say no to be oversea i guess.The conclusion is i've to perform everytime in exam so the chances of getting scholarship will be bright as the sun shining every morning . YESSS!!! gosh i'm super hyper today idk why. hahaha talk to you guys later ! last,stay positive no matter what, keep smilimg and strive for success. nothing come straight right your way without effort.

aiman farhana

having depression?
Friday, 3 February 2017 • 08:41 • 0 Girl(s)
assalammualaikum :)

hello readers !

back again here in blog since nurin told me to start blogging again hahaha you can visit her at blackenwhitelife.blogspot.com

alright back to the main of this post, i want to talk about depression since I am student !

I am officially seventeen this year and of course I am SPM candidate. I studies at SMKAJB in johor bahru. This is a cluster school so in every exam our teachers will target higher than ordinary school. We have so many classes ( you've no time to play and hanging around & do your homework ) seriously ! you've no time to relax or leisure except you are the one who will never ever waste your time chatting. We do have prep ( the only time provided to do homework ) but sometimes we have class also at this time. BUT I really praise to god that I REALLY REALISE THAT I WILL BE SITTING SPM THIS YEAR AND  NO NEED TO PLAY AROUND.
 I  got many complains from my batch mates that they are tired and what so not, I do complains too, but girls... you have to set your mind the right thought ! like what ezzat eddy said we should stay positive :) (visit him here)  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyDkKMQ2dhZ4sBVZssNmWvg
yeah I realise that I'm quite hardworking this year than years before. especially in form 4. I am very naughty last year hahahahahaha but yeah like what people say that form 4 is a honeymoon year. but I know I must be serious this year. I hope that I will be determine until the end of 2017 and in university also. Btw, i'm not that biology student. I take engeneering drawing. I wanna be an architect ! pray for me !!!
so guys stay positive no matter what, keep smilimg and strive for success. nothing come straight right your way without effort. you will get what you want soon . keep praying and behave :)

sorry for this short entry. feel free to hit the follow button ! talk soon

aiman farhana,xoxo

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