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Thursday, 1 June 2017 • 21:54 • 0 Girl(s)
what I feel...

u know what sometimes I was at my worst down on my knees, i felt like everything is torturing me.
It's like the whole world is taking their grunge against me. IKR that's only my pitiful thought.

Crying like a cry baby infront people ? that's really not me. but i do sometimes. yah I remember year ago i cried in my classroom and the boy-friend were looking at me. UGH i hate that but i cant dry myself at that time. It felt like my whole body was filled with water. The real me is-I do cry behind curtains without ppl knowing. yeah that's me.

but now i dont really have objective for writing this entry actually-

when will I stop all these daydreaming? I am a girl full with hope. i hope that, i hope this, i hope those but I barely strive for it. hate me.

till then, xoxo

In between hearts and arguments
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 • 05:28 • 0 Girl(s)
haluuu & salam ramadhan to all muslims out there!

friendly i told ya that this is my very first ramdhan at home with incomplete family, parents divorce, siblings started to work and yeah am all alone break my fast with father. I okay back then but now my hearts full with hates/sadness/hope and ect.


i finished eating then i went straight to my room, pray and than read quran. It was all safe and sound till i heard my father on the phone. with high voice and hates. that moment i knew it was my mom.

he talked in rage and threatened . ugh suffocating. divorce is not a big prob for me act but the real . settlement is when they fight A LOT. i am not at anybody side. i am at the middle. but yeah i am in between hearts and argument. I am 17 and goin' to take spm this year, I NEED TO BE SURROUNDED WITH +VE VIBES!but why does everything gone wrong?!

do pray for me guys :')

Aiman farhana,xoxo

In which i ruin my schedule.
Friday, 17 March 2017 • 21:48 • 0 Girl(s)


but i'd ruin my schedule. ( HOLIDAY SCHEDULE )

but i wanna be organised-

hye assalammualaikum, back again !

schedule? it is a step to make me organised in this one week holiday because i wanna make it meaningful this time. I want to keep fit, i want to be hardworking and study. yeah that's the spirit. so literally this is my schedule looks like:

but i already broke the schedule ! yesterday i woke up at ten. then idk what i did but i started to clean my room and study site at one. LOL. dealing with the study site is easier than dealing with my room. idk is it my room or a disposal site. and then my room looks like:

the bags are full on the floor 
(Bed full with clothes before)

but before i cleaned all the messy,my room was terrible !!!! and i manage to create a study site on my own since i do not have any study table. and the result looks like this: 

not so study site but comfortable for me to study and blogging 
(currently sitting there)

now everything is set and comfortable so i should be organised ! Go Go Go aiman !! 
that was yesterday. i woke up late then i decided to broke the schedule ( yesterday only ) . hahahaha so everything start today ! 

aiman farhana, xoxo

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